Wordless Wednesday-You Took That With A Camera Phone!?!

Wordless Wednesday-You Took That With A Camera Phone!?! 1

This past week as a present to myself, I bought a Samsung Epic as my phone upgrade. The camera quality is pretty incredible as you can see…



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  1. I use my iPhone for pictures a lot now. Just to shoot them to family, for Facebook and my site.

  2. Congrats on the new phone! That’s always a nice treat. It does take pretty good pictures – so fun!

  3. Great pics! When you sent me the one of your salad, I took a double take and was like ‘whoah!’. What MP is the camera? You have the droid, right? I’ve been using my iPhone 4 for a lot of my pics lately. Its funny that our phones take this great of pics, huh?

  4. i’ve never used a camera phone, infact i don’t even own a cell phone. lol. Those are really good pictures though! Way better than i would expect from a camera phone! The salad looks delicious! 🙂

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