Tuesday Timeout-What Inspires You?

Tuesday is here! I hope everyone’s Monday went as well as Monday’s can go.

For this Tuesday Timeout, I’ve thought about what inspires a person? What inspires you?

Obviously, Kelsie and Aubrey are big inspirations for myself. These two little girls amaze me each and every day. It is so cool to watch them learn-when you see it “click” and those little eyes light up. I see similarities in who they are but their personalities are also as different as night and day. Kelsie is the goofball. She loves to show off. Aubrey is my temper child. She wants all the toys at once in hopes big sister can’t get them. (So this is how they’ll be as teenagers huh? Oh dear)

I love being a Mommy.

I am inspired to help others. I know that sometimes all you need is that extra push to get you going in the right direction. I am inspired to want to be that push for others. A quote I saw recently really stuck out to me.

When a friend is in trouble, don’t annoy him by asking if there is anything you can do. Think up something appropriate and do it.

A friend and I discussed it. It is sooo true. When a person is in a time of need, the last thing they want to think about is how someone can help them. Take the initiative and find out what to do yourself. Sometimes all you can do is just be a stand behind. And that’s ok.

Now I could go much more in depth but I want to know. What inspires you?

Feel free to write a post. Share what is your inspiration. Link up so others can see!

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  1. Great post. What inspires me? Firstly, my son. He just turned a year old. The amount of change and growth that he has achieved in only a year just amazes me… and he continues to learn and grow! Other than him, passionate people inspire me. I was never a particularly “green” person, but when I started talking with a friend who is, it was just contagious. I’ve switched to cloth diapers and e-bills and I have intentions of switching over to many other eco-friendly things in the coming months. Passion is contagious.

    By the way, LOVE that quote!

  2. Seeing people who have never even met offer such touching and moving support for each other. THAT inspires me.

    YOU also inspire me Jenna. You have so much on your plate right now and yet you seem to juggle it all – the good and the bad, and still manage to be there for other people too. And you have a sense of humor about it too.

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