Wordless Wednesday:My Little Super Heroes with Linky!

Wordless Wednesday:My Little Super Heroes with Linky! 1


I hope you all had a great Halloween!

October 007

We got Grandma to come with us this year (and silly Daddy with the painted face in the back)

October 013



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  1. So cute! They sure are growing up Jenna girl! Good thing with the Twinkies on the way!

  2. Love the girly superheros! Wish they’d had something similar when I was a kid. I used to dress up like Spiderman anyway. 😉

  3. aaww! They look so great! I loved all the little girl super hero’s that I saw out trick or treating, it’s fabulous. Girl Power!

  4. They’re adorable! I love the costumes! My oldest threw fits because he had to wear his winter coat this year.

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