Tackle It Tuesday-My List I can See

Today is definitely a tackle it day. While I have never participated in a Tackle It Tuesday before, it’s my time to do so. I need to physically see my list of what needs done so I can do it-accomplish it.

With just Aubrey and myself today, I’ve looked around and realized-I’ve got some work to do. I need some organization help!! So, I would be taking some pictures of everything for you but-I failed in getting the battery on my camera charged so that is at the top of my list for getting tackled! Charging this thing!

As for my tackle it Tuesday, Laundry needs Done. Bad. Our hallway is lined up with what needs done. Not only that, but I am working on going through all baby clothes and discovering what will no longer fit so it can be donated or sold. That will clear a TON of space in Kelsie’s room so she can then have some toys brought back there to play instead of the mess in our living room.

As for toys, some of these also need to go bye bye and find other homes. Our girls have gotten an overload with the toys from Christmas and Kelsie’s birthday soon coming up. Hopefully, I can find some of the toys and donate to some of the organizations we have here in Ames.

For those that are bloggers, I am sure you can relate to some of the clutter that comes with the chance to share new products with readers. I have BOXES everywhere. My kitchen table? It doesn’t work. As in, it’s clutter space. All the boxes, mail envelopes, need cleaned out and thrown away.

As you can see, I’ve got some work to do!

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  1. angels singiing Need help? I can help. Tanya’s here to save the daaaay. LOL

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