The Season of Giving with Ronald McDonald House Charities!

The Season of Giving with Ronald McDonald House Charities! 1

When it comes to being a parent, we all want what is best for each of our children. When it comes to hospital stays for our little ones, it can be heart wrenching and ultimately, a parent’s worst fear.

The Season of Giving with Ronald McDonald House Charities! 2

As we prepare for our two little guys to enter our world and family, we also have acknowledged the high likelihood of NICU stays. While we pray that they will not have any issues when it comes time, we know to prepare mentally for what might be to come. While some stays are very short, there are families everywhere that fight to be near to their child during a hospital stay, whether it might be a premature birth or an even tougher battle of childhood cancer. While if we are forced to encounter a NICU stay, our hospital is only an hour from our home but we also know families that have to travel miles upon miles to get the best healthcare possible for their child.

Knowing this, my heart stays strong in my support of Ronald McDonald House Charities and everything that they stand for when it comes to families and children.

The 2011 Ronald McDonald House Charities Seasons of Giving Campaign is currently running from now until the end of December and they need all of our support! Being in the hospital during the Holidays can take a toll on anyone, especially those families with children in the hospital and RMHC wants to make the holidays a bit easier on those individuals.

Imagine how tough it would be to have a sick child in the hospital over Thanksgiving or Christmas. And then imagine how tough it would be to be far away from your home, trying to make sure that your child gets the best care possible. As you know, that’s where our Ronald McDonald Houses and Ronald McDonald Family Rooms step in to help. The staff and volunteers go above and beyond the call of duty to make the Houses more like homes, to be like a support system and an extended family. But as a growing organization, and with the need to help more families during their time of need, we’re asking our supporters to help us make more home sweet homes by donating and decorating a personalized RMHC gingerbread house. A spiced up, dolled up, gum drop, candy cane, and icing filled creation that will show how much you care.

The ultimate goal this year is to have 1000 Gingerbread houses created in support of RHMC and those families in need of that extra shoulder this season. No matter what the donation, each and every penny counts. By making a donation, you and even your kids can sit down to create a personalized virtual gingerbread house and know you are helping make someone out there’s Holidays a bit brighter.

The Season of Giving with Ronald McDonald House Charities! 3

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