Wordless Wednesday-Pepper Coming Home! #ww #linky

Wordless Wednesday-Pepper Coming Home! #ww #linky 1

This weekend, I was finally able to meet the great women behind Purr-Fection when we met for me to pick up Pepper, Whiskey’s sister. My mom adopted Ginger, their brother, shortly after I adopted Whiskey and I was able to convince her to take Pepper as well <3

Please take the time to check out their rescue information on Facebook and if you have any questions about animal adoption, or even, how to get in touch with Wendy and Judith to bring a fur baby to your own home-feel free to contact me!

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  1. My daughter wants a kitty soooo bad, but we rescued a dog this summer and I don’t know how well he’d do with one.

  2. Dang! I don’t think my link submitted. Dang iPad!

    Happy WW! That cat is adorable. I’m proud to say we adopted all of our babies. <3

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