I let them stick a needle ABOVE my eye…

Yeah, the needle is bigger than that.

On Monday, my cousin went with me to Iowa City for another appointment with my Pain Medicine Specialists. Overall, I have felt a difference since the first injections. A few weeks ago, I started feeling more pain and having issues again but, I knew the things wouldn’t last forever.

Now anyone that knows me understands that I am a total smartass when it comes to all the things I’ve had to encounter with my health. If I’m not, I would be crying all the fricking time. It gives me relief to crack jokes. Most of my doctors get it, some of the nurses treat me like dirt-(joking and all these tattoos, I must not really be in pain huh? Yeah well…bite me).

We went through all the questions again of how’s this going, how’s that going, so you want to do the trigger point injections again? YES. I had started getting a headache on the drive there and it was becoming bad as I was in the doctor’s office but pushing on a spot in my neck really did alleviate the pain I was feeling above my eye. They marked the spots on my back (not as many as they did last time) and away I went being a pin cushion. My cousin watched and later told me she was trying not to freak out so I wouldn’t freak out. I probably would have laughed hearing her and at one point she did.

I let them stick a needle ABOVE my eye... 1They got done doing injections on my back, neck, and shoulders and my doctor said “Since you’ve got that headache going on, we can actually do some above your eyes to relief that.” I guess my face showed my WHAT!?! but I said “As long as I can close my eyes I’m good! Maybe it will be like Botox.” Told ya I’m a smartass. Boy oh boy, that one was just plain weird. As the first started to get numb from the anesthetic-I couldn’t tell if they were still injecting and opened my eyes. Yeah, the needle was still there. Whoaza. Shut my eyes again and that side was done. The other side hurt a bit more and my cousin couldn’t get over the main doctor saying “Now when you feel the bone…” Was that what that crunching sound was?

All I can describe that as was a feeling of Novocaine in my forehead. I could still feel the headache but it definitely took it down a lot. As I sat down waiting for the doctor to come back in, the joking began because seriously, it felt just plain weird. I was poking my eyelid, telling my cousin to punch me (she wouldn’t ha!) and then realized “Dude…how the heck am I going to get my contacts out? Ready Aim Fire *poke*” Yeah, I got them out because by the time I was home, that part of the injections had worn off. I don’t know if 2 hours of numb was worth a needle above my eye but hey, it calmed down that headache!

Today, I went back to a new physical therapy and to my chiropractor. My chiropractor says he is officially a fan of the injections. I’m going to keep doing this as it is helping me considerably. And heck, I think I earned bragging rights for this appointment! Although I did lose count of injections again. That’s gonna be my new challenge for each visit.

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  1. Oh I’m not sure I could do injections. I’m a huge wimp lol. I’ve thought about it though with my migraines!

  2. Do you know what they injected? I am SO interested in hearing about this… I have tried the injections in my lower back and it didn’t help at all – finally had spinal fusion, but I still have pain. I have had some relieve with the ones in my neck, but have also had cervical fusion and have begun having lots of pain up there again. I also have horrible headaches and migraines and know that accupressure works for them, so I wonder what the injections are and how they help. I’d love to know more.
    I do give you credit for going through it as I know how the ones in the neck & back feel, but when you are in pain, you’ll do ANYTHING to make it go away!! HUGS!!

    1. It was a local anesthetic. I’m not quite sure but it was in the same family as lidocaine.

  3. I’ve had acupuncture and let them put needles in a lot of places, but I would have to be in some SERIOUS pain before I would consider this. You poor thing! I pray that the Lord heals you and you don’t need to do that EVER again!

  4. needles near my eyes…. eek. That’s like watching that big one come in for dental stuff. Glad they’re helping you, though

  5. Um wow is all I can say, you are MUCH braver than me. I don’t think I could take one of those injections let alone one above my eye!

  6. Holy crap that sounds scary, but this is coming from a woman who opted for natural child birth because I could not stand the thought of a needle in my back!

    I am so glad that you were able to find a little bit of relief though and hope they find something that works permanently soon!

  7. Eeekkk! That would freak me out! And I never realized you were an Iowa girl before. Me too!

  8. I’ll just stick with the chiro. I did read that botox was officially cleared for migraine treatment though.

  9. Eeeep! I’m not sure I can handle a needle anywhere near my face. I freak out at the dentist office as it is. You are a braver woman than I! Glad you got a bit of relief though – God, doesn’t pain just suck?

  10. Obviously the good Lord knew I couldn’t handle THAT. I freakin HATE needles. I HATE goin to the doc. I have ZERO pain tolerance. I don’t know if I could go through what you’ve been through. Bless your heart! You deserve a medal or something for enduing all that while keeping a smile on your face.

  11. Wow, I had trigger point & facet injections about 14 years ago, and no luck… since you are finding some relief ( thank Heaven!) I am re-considering them. Will see how my PT finishes up. And how did you miss a photo OP with this!! Or don’t you trust your cousin w/the camera? (LOL)
    Hope you have continued healing !

  12. I must admit that I read the title and it made me cringe – I am such a wimp! Kudos to you and I hope it is all successful in the long run!

  13. Oh, UH-HUH. . .. I would have not been able to keep from jumping as they came closer with the needle . . which would have necessitated a VERY different post title.

    Ugh — so sorry that you have to deal with this.

  14. Oh wow, I am a needle weenie. I mean, like a needle in the arm weenie. And you let them stick a needle above your EYE?! I’m also an eye weenie. I also have three tattoos. And yes, people give me that look all the time. No, they are not the same! No one understands LOL

  15. This is my first time to your blog and I’m soooo glad you’re talking about this! My mom is a sufferer and it’s a devestating illness.

    I had Botox injections in a strange place before- and it wasn’t for wrinkles!!! It really stung! You’re brave!

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