Wordless Wednesday-Mayberry Anyone?

Wordless Wednesday-Mayberry Anyone? 1

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  1. Looks like something out of a 50’s TV set. Barney Fife?….move over!!!

    My wordless is a linked image this week…all for fun. Just click on it.

  2. “I Miss Mayberry! Sittin’ on the front porch drinkin’ an ice cold cherry.. COKE.. Where everything was black and white.. Na Na Na Na Na Nanana!”

    Rascall Flatts song came in my mind as I saw your WW! 🙂 Happy WW!

  3. This actually pulled up next to us while we were in City Hall Parking Lot! The Sheriff star actually says “Mayberry Sheriff” on it! I told Steven I had to have a picture of it!!

  4. Cool car, but I would not want to see his lights flashing in my rear view mirror, I freak out when I get pulled over. LOL

  5. I wish they still looked like this! 🙂

    Found you via EntreCard, nice to meet you, Bella

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