2nd Thursday 13-Aubrey

Thursday Thirteen-13 Things About Aubrey

It is hard for this Mommy to believe that Aubrey is already a month old! September 3, 2008, Aubrey Lynn joined our family at 9:28 PM. What better way to celebrate her being a month old then 13 things about her!

2nd Thursday 13-Aubrey 1

Thirteen Things about Aubrey
1. As you can tell from this pic, Aubrey loves her hands!
2. Aubrey had to spend a day in the NICU under phototherapy lights and then the Wallaby Blanket for a week and a half at home but she is now all better!
3. She is VERY alert for her age. She will work on looking around and holding her head up for a short period of time.
4. She has LOTS of dark hair! If only you could see the back of her head in her pic!
5. She makes lots of little faces. She’s made the Elvis face as well as the Horatio (CSI:Miami) look 😛
6. She is content just sitting on Mommy or Daddy’s lap.
7. Aubrey would rather sleep in her carseat than her Pack N Play.
8. Although she was 9lbs 4 oz at birth, no one can believe it because she is extremely long! She is very well proportioned.
9. She is a kicker!
10. A majority of the time, right before she sneezes she lets out a little squeal…it really is “AAH CHOO”
11. She loves big sissy Kelsie “reading” to her.
12. She pulls her blankie over her head!
13. She coos as she falls asleep.

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  1. Such a cute 13!

    I’m coming over from AnonyMom’s place. “Aubrey” caught my eye! LOL

    How did you choose the name for her? Beautiful!

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