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Letting a person know if you are coming to an event or not? SERIOUSLY! Kelsie’s 2nd birthday party is tomorrow and I can not believe how many people do not have the RESPECT to let us know whether or not they are coming. Is it that hard to just say “Hey I can’t make it?” And of course as the host, I have to sit here and wonder if I’ll have enough food, do we need to make more room for people, etc. etc. UGGHHHH! Please someone tell me it gets better. PLEASE!?!?!

I can’t wait for them to host a party and I’m not telling them I’m coming. I’ll just show up 🙂

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  1. Just have enough room and food for the people who RSVPd. I hate that too.

    Celebrate with her and just be happy that you can share the special day together!

  2. Unfortunately it never gets better. People are terrible about RSVPing. We did a big birthday party 2 years ago that we really needed to have a head count beforehand…few RSVP’ed and a ton showed up costing us more than double we had budgeted for.

  3. I loooooooooove your layout!!! (just had to tell you!!!!)

    I was lucky this time around to even GET RSVPs for my son’s birthday. Last post we were at, we didn’t get any except for our really close friends. Etiquette is out the window anymore 🙁

  4. We had an x-mas party a few years back. About 30 people we invited and I swear only about 10 rsvp’d. One day before I had to call and find out. Drives me nuts.

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