Why Do Couples Argue?

I got thinking about this and we actually discussed it in one of my classes the other day. Why do you and your spouse argue? Here’s part of the list I can think of from class but please feel free to add to it in comments. Maybe I can find some things to help ALL of us out!

Why Do Couples Argue?

  1. Finances
  2. Sex
  3. Household Duties
  4. Decisions about children (Parent responsibilities)
  5. Other family members (In-laws, etc. )
When you think about it, what do you find you and your significant other arguing about the most?

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  1. Yep, we argue about all of the above. Also, his career places a lot of strain on our marriage. His inability to keep his work life AT work is a big stress for us. I think another problem we face is our lack of compatibility. We are polar opposites in every way from personality to background and while it does help us “complete eachother” and learn a tolerance for differences, it still creates tension at times.

  2. Time! We each want a little time to ourselves. That’s our biggest issue. We need sanity time or rather down time or alone time. Whatever you want to call it we both want it!

  3. I wish I could say that he *would* argue with me. We never argue, he “discuss”. And that is a wonderful thing really. And I do find that we “discuss” things alot more when the finances are extremely short. It took us both a long time to figure out “if I’m not the one that pissed you off, dont take it out on me”.

  4. I think we get upset at each other when we are stressed. Then little things become huge thing, and it escalates, simply because we’re wound so tight.

  5. I think it’s an equal share of just about all the above. We try not to argue in front of our son. I think it’s more when we are both just stressed out because other then that we do a good job of communicating with each other.

  6. One of my son’s is on the Autism spectrum and that is the top reason we argue-something related to that.

    The close runner up right now is the family issues, we live around the corner from my SIL and MIL really need to be in an assisted living/independent living environment, but he doesn’t want to tell them that.

  7. We often touch on every one of those listed except number #2. Mostly number #1 though.

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