What do I WANT for Christmas

You know, I’m in a goofy mood. We always here want the kids want for Christmas. When do we think about what we want? Here’s my goofball Christmas Wish List.

1. A new theme. I can not for the life of me decide on one that I want. There’s too many!

2. A tanning package. For living in Iowa, that doesn’t mean I have to be white as snow. I look better tan!

3. A new bed. Mine has seen better days. My back deserves more lol.

4. A contact lens exam and the contacts. Yeah I know, I’m slacking.

5. I’d love to have my Heather tattoo finished for Christmas.

6. Have I mentioned I need a Spa day? This Mama just needs to be pampered.

7. Some new pictures. I’m hoping to get a Model Mayhem portfolio going soon.

What do you want for Christmas???

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  1. Oh girl…I know what you mean. My list, in no particular order:


    *Someone to come in weekly to clean the house

    That’s it really, I mean, I can think of other things, but I’d be a happy camper with the above.

  2. I wish Select Comfort would give you a bed to review and keep.
    Hubby and I love our Select Comfort. He likes his side soft at around 60 to 65 in firmness, but I need a firm bed and my side is about 80 to 85.
    Hope you get at least some of the items on your Christmas List.

  3. Jenna:

    The Mrs and I are getting a bed for Christmas, so we have similar wants there. I already have an MM account but I bet you could find some Iowa photographers interested in doing some TFP.


    Caught this post via a google alert I have for Model Mayhem.

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