Snow Snow and More SNOW

Seriously? I’ve lived in Iowa my entire life (except for a few months in Illinois, same difference though) and yet, this snow drives me nuts more and more.

I used to be the person running outside without a coat, ok, maybe I still do that sometimes. Since having kids, the cold KILLS ME. A Winter Storm Watch until Wednesday? Can I stay right here blanket over my head and not move? KCCI.Com is expecting 7-12 inches of snow. GULP. Ames hasn’t been known for it’s drivers with the first snowfall and we have to get hit with THAT MUCH.
Snow Snow and More SNOW 1

Bah Humbug

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  1. I can relate to you being not happy with this coming snow storm. I used to deal with people who can’t drive on snow and ice(Minneapolis, and Fort Dodge).But living in a tiny town, that is surrounded by agricultural land , presents its’ own challenges during a winter storm. You hope that the power stays on, and that the roads get cleared so you can get to work. Living in a large city, during winter time, doesn’t appeal to me at all. Traffic and parking problems are just magnified after a major winter storm, but you already know this. Try and have some fun in the snow with your little ones.
    Matt Q

  2. It’s been snowing in what we call the dessert portion of Colorado since yesterday. That snow you’re getting is blowing out of here and over to you all there. The drivers here aren’t that great either. We’ve had an in flux of alot of southern drivers because they move and live here since it’s cheaper than living one town away where the army base they got transferred to, is. They don’t know we get black ice, or ice under the snow. So, needless to say, they don’t slow down, they don’t leave greater stopping distances and they panic when they slide.
    Hubby saw alot of them in the ditch along side the highway yesterday on his way to work, and some had slide sideways on the highway too. So, of course he got to work a little late.
    I bet he’ll get home late tonight too, since there is even more snow now.
    I don’t like the cold anymore either. I used to love the snow, but not so much anymore.
    Yet, I did go outside a couple of times without a coat or sweater to check if our mail came yet.

  3. How can you hate the snow?! Building Snowpeople, Making snowangels, Watching Snow White..okay you can watch Snow White any time of the year, but you can’t do it after a fun day of sledding with the kids..drink some cocoa and enjoy the beauty of a lawn blanketed in glistening snow 🙂

  4. Don’t throw a brick at me, but I love this weather. 😆 runs and hides

    I am from TX, live in IA now, so I am over here begging for it to snow for a week straight!

    ducks and hides

  5. we are getting hit with snow, think it’s going to be a long winter this year. i like the snow sometimes, just depends on what I am doing. I don’t care to shovel the stuff, so I go the lazy route and get boys and his friends to shovel for me.

  6. I hear ya babe! I hate snow too. We’re supposed to get a little tonight. As long as it melts quickly I’m good.

  7. Button up girl!! The cold is coming your way!! Here in NE it’s supposed to be friggin’ freezing tonight.

  8. LOL! We’re over the border in SD, I went out today for the first time since Monday, and that was because I had to get something, otherwise I’d still be indoors, and I’m a born, bred Canadian, so this is like tropical!

  9. LOL I don’t live in snow anymore so I miss it dearly and my kids have never seen it! But we are only a couple hours away from it!!!!

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