Twins being Discharged from Physical Therapy

Iowa Twins

I feel like I haven’t updated in awhile on the twins milestones and we are reaching a big one!

As of the boys’ last Early Access appointment, they have reached all motor skills goals! At their review next week, we will be discharging from physical therapy services. The boys are beyond the skills we were working to master and it shows. As soon as these two learned to move, it’s been no stopping them. You should see my house and the things they’ve figured out how to get their hands on. It’s a never ending race to keep up.

We are lacking in the communication skills as we honestly don’t have any words besides Mama and Dada. We are working with them by trying to delay instantly responding to what they need so they will learn to “use their words”.

We have truly been blessed. These boys have faced alot BUT, they’ve came out fighting from the get go and showing us they won’t give up easy.

Iowa Twins
Mom, we need shades!

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