Two Teething Babies is NOT better than One

Two Teething Babies is NOT better than One 1

I learn everyday that despite I have been through the “baby times” with my girls, having twins and BOYS is a totally different thing.

As the boys are both teething right now, I find myself looking for new ways to keep them comfortable. We’ve had issues not wanting to eat, a cough, and screaming in pain so much it breaks my heart 🙁 While putting Baby Orajel on Nathan’s gums, we discovered something I definitely did not expect. A CANINE HAD BROKE THROUGH ON TOP. But of course to make it even more difficult, the tooth erupted on the side and not out the bottom of the gum line so it still has a path to go 🙁

Two Teething Babies is NOT better than One 2
Not a happy boy 🙁

Now, I know sometimes babies have teeth come in on top first but I have never seen a baby have a canine pop through first. No wonder they have been in more pain than I ever remember the girls. Everything I see says that a canine doesn’t normally erupt until around 16 months.

Lucas has not had any teeth erupt but his canines are swollen on top as well. Both boys have toothbuds showing on the bottom so we shall see. We’ve been using Orajel around the clock, we’ve tried Hylands as it was a savior with Aubrey but it doesn’t seem to even phase the boys.

I just keep learning.

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