Thank you Progressive Insurance

This past Friday, we were travelling north on a rural highway in the area to go check out some apartments north of Ames.  Little did we know though that shortly after we got out of town and on the highway, my front driver’s side tire blew out. I can admit that it was extremely scary and I probably was more scared than the time I had been in an actual car accident-most likely as both Kelsie and Aubrey were in our backseat.

Thank you Progressive Insurance 1While we “assessed” the damage, thank goodness the tire was the only casualty. We called my mother as she had a set of tires for my car stored in her garage and everyone else would have been unavailable to get us. So while my Mom had to leave work an hour and a half away, we began are sit to waiting for her. The girls did very well considering the circumstances. I quickly got thinking about my insurance as I not too long ago switched myself off of my Mom’s plan and have been carrying my own insurance. I realized that I had signed up for Progressive’s Roadside Assistance with my auto coverage. Now, I really wasn’t sure how they could help or if they even could but I figured it couldn’t hurt to call in and see. I explained to the rep. that I had it but did not know how any of it worked. He was very nice and definitely understood I was a little shaken up by what had just happened. Thank goodness when he told me they could tow our car up to 15 miles (within the distance to our home) at no charge to us. It was truly a blessing.

Progressive took care of finding a company within the area that could get out to us as fast as possible and take the car where it needed to go. We expected the tow company to take 45 minutes to get out to us but much to our surprise again, the driver was there within about 20 minutes. He stood with us and talked while we waited for my mom to arrive so Kelsie and Aubrey could go in her car. He was very nice as well and made sure we had everything covered in making sure we had the tires we needed to replace the blown out tire.

So thank you to Progressive Insurance as well as Decker’s here in Ames. You helped turn a scary situation into a much easier to handle one.

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  1. We have Progressive and love LOVE it! We made a mistake and moved our insurance over to a ‘local company’ when we bought our home 2 years ago (because we were told this was standard policy, which I later found out that was a crock) and we are BACK with Progressive Insurance and love them! Hubby had an accident and they called US from our call to the police, within 10 minutes and were on site in about 5 minutes, and our car was taken care of – no hassles at all. We are waiting on Progressive Home Owners insurance to be in our area so we can move over to them for all of our needs. I just wish they would send Flo to our house to say HI. 😆
    .-= Tanya @ Mommy Goggles´s last blog ..Best Buds =-.

  2. Hubby has their insurance on his bike. They are one of the few companies that insure motorcycles at a decent price.

  3. I have heard so many great things about Progressive and yours is another. I am going to call them and get a quote!

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