Must Do Monday Round 3 (Linky)

Three weeks ago, I made the plan to create a weekly blog post of Must Do Monday. I’m sure we all experience the “What needs done this week” and sometimes, it’s just easier to be able to get everything written down so you can physically take care of your Must Dos.

  1. Apartment tour. This morning we are headed back to Story City to see the apartment we were supposed to see on Monday.
  2. Mail out EBAY orders and post additional items.
  3. Call Rheumetology and follow up from Thursday when told to discontinue Cymbalta for Fibromyalgia.
  4. Get ready for Steven’s Thursday surgery. Call and check in with surgeon, etc.
  5. Draft posts. Take pictures to share and get uploaded.
  6. Go through old e-mails and clear out any un-needed that were saved into other folders.
  7. Upload pics to Flickr
  8. Decide on a new blog theme layout!

I encourage you to create your own blog post for Must Do Monday. Once you are finished, link up and share your Must-Dos to help keep everyone in check so things get accomplished this week!

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