Target Up&Up Baby Food Pouches Makes Feeding Time Easier #spon

Target Up&Up Baby Food Pouches Makes Feeding Time Easier #spon 1

When it comes to having twins, we go through things quickly. As they have been figuring out how to eat, I can tell you, we can’t stock up on baby food fast enough!

When I had the chance to check out Target Brand Up&Up Baby Food Pouches, I could tell you, I was excited. We never had the pouches with Nathan and Lucas’ big sisters and simply put, they are a LIFE SAVER. They take up less room, as quick to grab and go, especially while traveling, and you can feed baby fast.

Target Up&Up Baby Food Pouches Makes Feeding Time Easier #spon 2

When visiting my Mom this weekend, it was her first time seeing the baby food pouches and she was impressed. I grabbed a pack for her and she was stunned when Lucas finished off an entire pouch in a matter of a couple minutes!

Target Up&Up Baby Food Pouches Makes Feeding Time Easier #spon 3
Mommy…Target Up&Up Apple is sooooo good!

While our little guys have had some delays from being preemies, I love the convenience that comes from having the baby food pouches. Maybe it’s a little boy thing but, sometimes, these little guys just don’t have the patience for Mommy to feed them with a spoon. When those times come, I can grab a baby food pouch and sit with them as they enjoy the yummy!

Up&Up is an exclusive Target brand that offers high-quality products at low prices. With over 1,00o products, you can save money while still enjoying some of the best things for your daily needs!

About Up&Up Baby Food Pouches

  • Hassle-free and convenient solution to feeding-allowing the child to self feed.
  • Ideal for on the go snacking and nourishment
  • Available in a wide range of age stages (1-4) and flavors like Plum Banana, Banana Pumpkin, and Pea Pear.

If you are anything like me, you’ll love the convenience and selection you can get from Target Up&Up Baby Food Pouches! And to make the shopping even better, you won’t want to miss out on some great Up&Up Coupons!

All opinions are 100% my own and based on personal experience. Compensation and samples were provided for my time and to help facilitate this review based on use of the above product(s)

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  1. Target is about to open up in my town, gotta try these….looking forward to seeing how my girl will handle these…

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