Heaven has Gained Another Angel

Heaven has Gained Another Angel 1

The past few months have been filled with heartache for many I know it seems. Loss is heart-wrenching, no matter whether it is expected or sudden.

One of my Grandma’s sisters moved to Arkansas when I was younger. I honestly don’t remember how old I was. We’d still talk, she had met all of my children except for the twins. She’d been able to see the little guys via Facebook, e-mails, and so forth and sent us a goodie package shortly after they were born.

Recently, she had been back here in Iowa to visit family. She had visited my Grandma and various other family members. Sometime last week, she fell ill and was taken to the hospital. Unfortunately, she fell into cardiac arrest and was in a coma in ICU.

Yesterday, we celebrated Christmas with my mom, Grandma, and brothers. My brothers will be going out of state for Christmas with their Dad. As we set down to eat, my Mom’s phone rang. One of my Aunts. While I sat at the table with my Grandma, Mom, and the babies, we found out Sharon had lost her fight. 🙁 I was heartbroken for my Grandma (If I understand correctly, Sharon was the baby sister).  I was glad though that we could be with my Grandma during this time and the children were sure to ham it up for her and provide some comic relief. I could tell she was sad and it broke my heart to imagine her thoughts and feelings.

The idea that she came home to Iowa to visit family and to have this to happen strikes many emotions. I’m happy my Grandma and their other sister had the chance to see her. I’m definitely sending up prayers for her husband and the hurt he is facing right now.

To each and every one of you currently facing loss at this time, I am praying for your peace at this time. <3

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