Surprise for All of You…

Steven and I officially met seven years ago when I moved to Jefferson. We were the typical high school relationship. We dated a short time, broke up, and ended up going our separate ways. Little did we know years later, after we both had our own daughters, (His Lily and My Kelsie) that we would enter each other’s lifes again. We’ve had our tough times and our bumpy roads, but we have grown closer than we ever have been or imagined. We’ve welcomed a daughter of our own Aubrey Lynn into the world. Our family is an amazing one and we love every minute we are experiencing…
Surprise for All of You... 1
So as of 3:15pm September 18th, 2008, I will officially become Steven’s wife. Words can not express how happy I am! I am sooo nervous but believe me, it is the excited nervous!! We’ve decided we are doing things simple and to the point as the meaning of marriage is to show our commitment and love for one another. We will have a small amount of friends with us to witness our marriage. When the time is right down the road, we will have a larger celebration for everyone to enjoy.
Surprise for All of You... 2
I am getting married!!

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  1. I just arrived on your blog for the first time via Twitter and what a great post I picked to land on!

    Congrats on your big day! I wish your new family all the best.

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