Tricky Little Girl.

So little Miss Kelsie gave me a laugh last night in the middle of my sleep deprivation. From Kelsie’s crib, she can reach the lightswitch and she has discovered it!

Last night around 2:30am, I finished bringing Aubrey’s bottle out to the kitchen and pumping some. I started walking back to the bedroom and realized Kelsie’s light was on…I snuck her door open and she was completely curled up on the opposite end of her crib. I switched her light off and shut the door. Our bathroom door is about three feet from her bedroom door. I turned around but heard her moving in her bed. I stood by the bathroom and what do you know? Her light comes back on. No fussing or crying or the typical shenanigans a toddler pulls when they wake up in the middle of the night. Light goes on and she layed back down. I wasn’t going to bother trying to turn it off again.

Steven just took Kelsie to bed about half hour ago. Her light’s on. I guess her Tinkerbell night light just isn’t good enough.

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  1. aww thats so cute, it seems like she wants it on all the time, but she might get used to sleeping with the light on.
    I think all kids have a fascination with the light switch, my kids are always switching the light on in the family room. thankfully their cribs are nowhere near the lightswitch-they be playing with it instead of sleeping!

  2. I guess it’s time to change over to those energy-saving light bulbs. LOL!! My little ones can’t sleep with just a little nightlight either.

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