Stress Stinks

Stress Stinks 1

Have you ever just felt overwhelmed to the brim? That’s me right now. It just seems to be one thing after the other.

  • Gallbladder surgery after the boys were born
  • Fighting to get Lucas into proper physical therapy (that finally happened this week)
  • Getting hit by an idiot driver on Mother’s Day weekend.
  • Finding out said driver did not actually have insurance and strung the police and the insurance companies along.
  • Waiting to see if driver will actually repair vehicle damages or I will have to find a way to take them to small claims.
  • A consistent hip pain that has not gone away-I have gone to the chiro endless times, I’ve had a steroid injection into my hip. Nothing. It sucks.

Despite this, I’ve been making sure the kids get outside every day to enjoy the warm weather. I’ve slowed down blogging but I promise, I’m here-just trying to get our family back in place.

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