Personal or Professional: Pros and Cons of Home Laser Hair Removal

Convenience and cost

Isn’t that why we all get into DIY projects? It is more convenient and cost-effective to do whatever it is yourself, rather than hire a professional. But what about the quality of work? There is a reason why these people are professionals and you aren’t, right?

That said; let us have a balanced look at the benefits and disadvantages of doing your laser hair removal at home, shall we?


The most obvious benefit is the cost. It is more affordable to buy a home laser hair removal machine and do it yourself rather than pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars at a salon. When you do the math, the cost of these laser-based machines will be much lower than all the treatments you will have to go through to be hair free.

The privacy that you will enjoy doing these treatments on yourself in the privacy of your home is priceless. Some of us are rather conscious about certain body parts and this is a great way to avoid the embarrassment of having someone else looking at and handling those areas.

You will also enjoy the freedom of doing a treatment at any time of day or night. With your own laser hair removal device, you need not worry about setting and keeping an appointment with the technician. You can carry it anywhere and clear out those hairs as and when you need to get it done.

Laser hair removal can be painful and sometimes the technician may not be too eager to keep adjusting the intensity levels. With your own machine, you can find the intensity level that will give you the best results with minimal pain.


Since they are for use at home, the intensity levels of these home laser hair removal machines come set at a certain level to avoid injury. Professionals have machines with higher intensities you will therefore require fewer treatments with them than you would at home.

Keeping with the low intensity, you will have faster hair re-growth with home treatments than professional ones. The hair will stay away longer than it would with waxing, but it will reappear sooner than with a professional treatment.

Laser hair removal requires discipline in conducting the treatments to give the desired results. If you are busy, tired or just lazy, you could skip some sessions and have disappointing results. With a professional, you will have to go for your treatments partly because you paid for them and because you will have scheduled them into your day.

Safety is always a concern when using any machine at home. You may not be able to assess your skin tone effectively to determine which treatment (and hence which device) would be appropriate for you. This could result in serious and permanent damage to your skin particularly for dark skin tones. On the other hand, a professional would be able to assess your skin tone effectively and choose the right and safe treatment options for you.

Your move…

Armed with these pros and cons, we are sure you will make the right decision for you. Good luck!

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