Stop the Stigma #MentalHealth #StigmaFighters

Stop the Stigma #MentalHealth #StigmaFighters 1

People don’t talk about depression. People don’t talk about mental health. When someone does, the jaws drop.

Someday, I need to just sit down and write out my life story. Who knows if anyone would read it or not but it might help someone. I’m straight forward in my struggles because it sucks. My support system is thin just based on logistics of my life, my grandfather is gone, my dad, even though our time together was short, is gone. Alot of the time in my life I’d get a “Don’t dwell on it.”

Sometimes the things we don’t want to dwell on our the things that attack us the most.

Yes, I have depression. Yes, I have anxiety and a panic disorder. Yes, I have PTSD. It’s a battle every day.

I do my best to put on my best face and keep moving. “Fake it til you make it”. I might get nervous going to an event with a ton of people but I still do it. I want my kids to experience the pumpkin patch, library reading time. It’s what we have to do.

Until more people start talking and stop judging, all we are doing is hurting the people we love.

The person in the office next to you might be struggling with a traumatic experience. That Mom standing next to you at school pickup might have just been at home crying not understanding why things are so tough.

Do not judge. Do not tell people to Get over it. Do not tell people everyone has bad days. It’s none of our places.

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