When Mom Guilt Kicks

When Mom Guilt Kicks 1

This Summer has been a chaotic one. As I prepare to send the twins off to Kindergarten, I find myself stuck worrying about quite a bit. Unfortunately I can admit, feeling the mom guilt also leads an old friend to try popping up. Depression. I have spent 90% of our Summer with the twins at therapy […]

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Goodbye Robin

Goodbye Robin 3

Yesterday evening as I crawled into bed to rest as I haven’t been feeling well, I of course opened my phone to see a Facebook status that quickly turned into 100s of Facebook statuses. Rest in Peace Robin Williams I quickly sprung up to tell the boyfriend as I rushed to see if this was […]

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Mental Health should not be Taboo

Mental Health should not be Taboo 5

This post has sat here for a month with my deciding what to do. As I thought about it more and more, I realized that I was just fulfilling exactly what I want to stop. A taboo. As we’ve seen the news of Mindy McCready’s suicide, I’ve seen more and more individuals commenting. This is […]

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E! Investigates Teen Suicide

E! Investigates Teen Suicide 8

With the need for more awareness of the issues teenagers everyday must face, I wanted to take the time to pass on the information that was sent to me- Laura Ling Examines This National Crisis On December 8 In Her Premiere Episode As Host Of E!’s Hit Investigative Series “I thought if I can end […]

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Here goes me spilling it.

As I return from yet another doctor appt. discussing these darn headaches, it’s got me thinking. When I was younger, I was given the diagnosis of A.D.D. For some reason, it was never followed. As I got older, I chose that I did not want to have anti-depressants in my system, etc. With the stress […]

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