Steven says I’m a Nerd

So I got a new to me car today and I thought I’d have some fun and get the plates personalized. Steven’s been making fun of me but here are the ones I have came up with so far…(ISU stands for Iowa State University)

KNASMOM (Kelsie and Aubreys Mom)
JENBRAT (Nickname I’ve had well forever)
TATUMOM (Tattoo Mom)

What do ya think?

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1 Comment

  1. I think the idea is cute. I would love a personalized plate.

    I think the jenbrat is first choice, mainly because it is who you are.

    I think the knasmom looks like kennas mom and could be confusing. (maybe just me though)

    I think they are all cute though and good luck deciding.

    (I got the bag I won. It is great and convenient. Thank you for an awesome contest)

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