Classy Kid Clean and Green Pack-LIVE CONTEST!!

Classy Kid Clean and Green Pack-LIVE CONTEST!! 1

So the Classy Kid Clean and Green Prize Pack winner never e-mailed me back! This pack is an incredible prize with potty protectors, disposable bibs, coloring placemats and LOTS more! All of these items are made of biodegradeable materials. You can check out my review and some of the items in this prize pack here.

Instead of doing the typical re-pull, I decided to make this contest LIVE. The first person to comment number 224 will be the winner! But you must follow this rule first!!

Head over to Classy Kid, Inc and in your first comment here, tell me one of your favorite items available at Classy Kid.

After that, the only rule is your entries must be in complete sentences!!

So Get going already!!


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  1. Where the heck is everyone??

    Boo Boo Care line is my favorite! My twins would eat that up & love it!

  2. My favorite item is the Boo Boo First Aid Rescue Kit. I don’t even own one but really should.

  3. You can comment as many times as you’d like lol! I’m trying to get it Re-Tweeted right now!

  4. Neither can I lol…I’ve had several items that I’ve e-mailed and it’s taken e-mailing two or three different numbers I’ve pulled to finally get an answer hence why this contest is LIVE.

  5. Well I will keep commenting with you girls for now. Law and Order SVU is going to have me crying in a few lol so if I go blank thats why!

  6. This has been such an awful night. I really want some advil for my headache but can’t…grrr.

  7. I remember all about the headaches while pregnant. I started having migraines with Aubrey…No fun!!

  8. Mine is because of an absessed tooth. My stupid dentist won’t refill my antibiotic or any pain relievers.

  9. That stinks! I had to have a filling while preggers with Aubrey…They kept numbing me but I could still feel it!

  10. I would have it filled if I could, but I don’t have any extra 200 bucks laying around.

  11. There’s a #GNO discussion going on right here on this blog! Lol.
    stanle17y [at]gmail[dot]com

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  12. My favorite thing is the Bump Reliever Cold Pack! I think that would even be nice for an adult!

  13. Thank you for the Re-Tweets everyone! Aubrey is starting to fuss fuss right now 🙁 Think she might be sick.

  14. My son could use the potty protectors! He hates using public restrooms (do you blame him?) and this would help him sooooo much with something cute on the potty!

  15. We will see where we are at in an hour and then I MIGHT lower the number to win. This prize pack has ALOT in it.

  16. I don’t have a baby but my brother’s wife just had a baby so she could use this. i know its not even in the 200 but i can try!

  17. 10pc.Public Potty Protectors would be nice, thats what is going to freak me out when my kids are potty trained and were at the mall, park or zoo! thses would be nice to have

  18. i really like the shopping cart covers. they are so cute as well as a very good idea. Protecting our kids against the germs that shopping cards are full of.

  19. So cold here in Ohio tonight. I am glad I have something to do or I would be bored to death.

  20. Classy Kid, Inc has alot of great items! My local Target carries several of the first aid items!

  21. I can’t wait to start Christmas shopping. I love oicking out gifts for my hubby. He”s so fun to buy for.

  22. My last Live went MUCH MUCH faster then this. We’re trying to get Miss Aubrey comforted and enjoying a little bit of TV. I’ll see where we are at in a few and change the number if need be. Quite a few re-tweets have been sent out!

  23. My daughter in law is getting ready to potty train our grandson. this prize pack would be so nice for her.

  24. I hope she get’s to feeling better. For your sake. I know how hard it is when you can’t help them feel better.

  25. im siting here on the computer – feeding my daughter soup while trying to type- not going so well
    thank goodness my hubby took my son out with him

  26. We don’t know. She’s got a full belly, diaper changed, no temp but gave her a small amount of Tylenol. Nothing making her happy! I had her in the sling, Steven is rocking her right now.

  27. Well of you that are participating, what if I kept this going until 10PM and then I draw a number from your comments. You can post as many times between now and then. I will get your input since you are participating.

  28. I hope i can stay up for this whole thing…this little one inside me is kicking my butt!!!

  29. How much did you have to pay him to do dishes? I want to know what to offer mine to get him in there. and we have a dish washer.

  30. what time zone are you in Jenna? it’s 1030 here now. But it sounds like a good idea to me.

  31. Gross, my daughter just brought me a garbage bag of diapers from today. Why is she such a garbage monster!!!

  32. My kids both teethed very early. Kaydee had all of her teeth by 1 year and she just got her 2yr molars at 16 mos.

  33. Ok girls, you can comment as many times as you want between now and 10PM Central Standard Time. I will then draw a comments number from there!

  34. I finally went out and bought a winter coat. Had to get 2 sizes too big just to fit my belly in. bleck.

  35. Have any of you heard of putting vicks salve on your feet to stop night time coughing?

  36. Yea….well I need to be on a Winning streak then!!! If i win, i’ll split it with ya;)

  37. I have to get working on my blog again too, i have 3 contests need posting and 1 you have a good chance at Ryann, its for little girls too 😉

  38. Yes I heard that if you put it on your feet with socks it will stop a bad cight time cough just wondering if anyone has tried it.

  39. I need to start entering some more contests! With Stevens surgery, our income is limited so winning prizes is going to help us with Christmas lol.

  40. I LOVE live contects!! I have a better chance of winning them lol. PLUS I dont have to wait til the end of it to find out if i won!! I get to find out NOW!!! lol

  41. I’ve done the vicks on the feet with socks, I’m undecided though if it works or not lol

  42. me too! I’m impatient! I looove entering contests, I’ve won some really cool stuff

  43. Jenna, there’s a ton of the pillsbury baskets out right now, i’ve got 3 on my blog, plus a cupcake clock and the 20 gift card to macy’s ends thursday.

  44. LOL Sure, ya’ll start being blabber mouths once I change the rules lmao. 🙂 KIDDING! I just wonder how many random.orgs I’m gonna have to pull without pulling one of my numbers lol

  45. I am addicted. I have won some really nice prizes like a Nankeen tote bag, a coach purse, a didj, but my favorite is the goats milk soap. I love it! so does my hubby.

  46. I’m giving away Three Pillsbury baskets as well! I need to head over and enter yours, I’d love to win some more for my grandma or my mom.

  47. I got to review some goats milk soap not long ago and I looooved it! It smelled really nice…my so was weired out and wouldnt touch it! lmao!

  48. Plug here look away. I have 2 contests running on New and Old. Jump over and sign up every one is welcome. I love the Noevir skin care. I am thinking of becoming a consultant for them.

  49. well I’ll be sure to enter yours since I stalk Jennas blog and always enter hers asap…lol

  50. LOL I’m thinking of learning how to make Goat’s Milk soap to sale with the rest of my stuff on Etsy. We’ll see 😉

  51. that would be a great idea jenna…I know lots of peopl who really like it…how is the etsy store coming along?

  52. I sure did! I got the cherrylicious and vanilla soap! I looove it! I really wanna try a swizzle too. he soaps are sooo yummy!

  53. Yeah, baby is in bed, I can finally sit down and order my supplies uninterrupted.

  54. The 99 line is what I am using and got the full size on it’s way. I keep stalking the UPS site to track it. Hubby said i was gonna get banned it i don’t quit checking it lol

  55. I still have to post my novier review….the lady keeps bugging me when i clearly told her im sick and barely on the computer much less able to think enough to put a good review up…unless she wants me to do a horrible job.

  56. funny pamela…I also have the body wash and some soap as well. I was seriously shocked how much nicer it makes my skin

  57. lol…I don’t drink milk but when I was pergnant I had to have it like a hundred times a day…nothing ever tasted so good!

  58. Yep, thats her. I cant tell u how many times she’s emailed me and im tryin to be nice about it…im TRYING to be able to post a GOOD review and she dont understand.

  59. feeding a toddler soup while trying to type up something is not a good thing- soup all over the mouse and on my new jeasn!
    Over 100 comments!

  60. Same here I was so skeptical until 2 days into using it. I was so thrilled my skin wasn’t like the grill at Micky D’s.

  61. She calls me about 2x a week. I like talking to her though. Alot of good information. When i am to busy I just tell her and she seems to be ok with it.

  62. are there any good shows on tonight? i cant keep up with any shows- it looks like tonight i will be able to find time to sit and watch tv

  63. I havent replied to her latest email…i couldnt even think straight when i got it…dont know what to say to her that I havent already…im pregnant, im sick…i am NOT on the computer as much, my blog has went to you know where cuz the person who was supose to be designing me a new layout stopped after the banner!!! So ive been saving up to pay someone to do one for me…ugh! irritating.

  64. I also have a Belli skin care moms gift set going to. I think there products smell like honey. Made my nephew smell so sweet. I gave my review set to my niece as a welcome baby gift and she was thrilled.

  65. Has anyone seen the movie The Happening? I was weird a M Night Shumalon movies go but good though.

  66. my hubbys going to brazil this thursday- ive never been more excited for someoneelse going on a trip that im not LOL im taking a 2 week break from real cooking! thats a vacation- only if i can send my kids somewhere too

  67. I liked talking to her…once day she caught me on a walk with the dog and Tay and no stroller…it definetly made for good convo

  68. I havnt heard of deleiver me, but last week- or so i watched a show called I didnt Even Know i was Pregnant! very interesting show!

  69. I’m gonna watch the pregnant man in a bit…one og my tvo’s…I watched freebirthing few weeks ago but saw it again tonight…crazy ass women

  70. No plans for tomorow…just getting Jeffery to school in the morning….gotta try to finish getting the house clean for the inlaws coming in this weekend…ugh what a long weekend it will be.

  71. I’m getting the post ready to announce the winner. Just hang tight and I’ll get the winner’s number picked very shortly after ten!

  72. We watched Journey to the Center of the Earth the other night. I think Brandon Frazer is so hot. ( next to johnny depp). It is a really good family movie. I was surprised my hubby liked it.

  73. ive seen the didnt know i was pregnant…interesting, especially the one who had the twins!!!!

    I wanted SSOOOO bad to watch freebirthing when it first come on, but i didnt have discovery health for awhile.

  74. We watched Futurama: Bender’s Game (yes we still watch cartoons lol), and then I watched What Happens In Vegas…that was funny but predictable

  75. Yea i couldnt have handled labor without the epi!!! now i dont have to worry, all csections from now on

  76. I love the changing table covers! I hate changing sophie in public restrooms bc those changing tables creep me out!

  77. Take the drugs! I love my kids but they can be a pain so you shouldn’t have to suffer thru it all. No seriously the pain keeps you from enjoying the birthing experience. A person doesn’t have to take enough to be it lala land but enough so you can think straight is nice.

  78. I cried about my 1st one….i was in labor for 13hours when they decided to cut me open….i cried the whole time, the 2nd time i freaked a little getting the spinal….this time….i dont think im scared, im more excited!!!

  79. OMG hubby just gave me Iron man. I can’t wait to watch it. I’m gonna be up all night. I hope it is good.

  80. Sophie is going great! Thanks for asking hun! She had her tonsils out last week and she is a tad sore still but she is doing good. Thnks again for asking! Too sweet!

  81. I’d cry too! I had 26 hours of labor and if they had wanted to cut me open after that I would have freaked!

  82. I get turkey early this year! Jeff’s parents come in Friday night and we’re eating Saturday at my dad’s house…first time my inlaws will be meeting my dad…and me and Jeff have been together 5years lol.

  83. its a good thing they did a csection, he was breech!! his one buttcheek had squeezed down the birth canal they thought was his head!!!! could have been disaster if i would have kept going.

  84. my hubby just got home, i should get off the ocmputer, but ill stick around to see who won

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