Mozilla Vs. Internet Explorer

Ever since I bought the Toshiba, I’ve been kind of lazy and just stuck with Internet Explorer. I knew Firefox is always quicker and so forth. Talking to Trisha at MomDot, she got me going on downloading Firefox again. Thank GOD I did!

I can definitely tell Firefox is loading faster and have you seen all the Add-Ons? There are some really cool ones and I’ve already added Alexa as well as StumbleUpon. I’ve heard about both programs and played with them a bit before but these are GREAT! I love the Traffic Details I can check out with Alexa and everything.

So, I have to tell you you MUST check out Firefox is you do not have it!

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  1. Firefox is the best! For some reason my Explorer freezes and I have to restart constantly.

  2. I had to download Firefox too, sooo much more better than Explorer. And the same thing was happening to mine that was happening to Stephanie’s!

  3. Firefox is the best! But then I haven’t had a chance to check out Google Chrome yet either. I will never touch IE again except to check the differences in my templates.

  4. I so need to start using FF. It is hard to change what you are used to using.

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