Shower My Baby-The Best Unisex Gifts for A Well Prepared Relative

Shower My Baby-The Best Unisex Gifts for A Well Prepared Relative 1

The birth of a newborn baby is among the most exciting events in any family, and one that can unite people regardless of the physical distance that exists between them. In most cultures, tradition dictates that this momentous occasion should be marked with the exchanging of gifts, whereby relatives purchase clothes, toys or practical presents for both mother and child.

While shopping for such gift items is usually fun and exciting, however, it can prove a stressful experience if you have no idea what to purchase. If the expectant mother on your family is well organised and prepared for the arrival of their child, then identifying potential gifts can prove to be a challenging and ultimately fruitless exercise.

Unisex Gift Ideas: 3 Popular Options in 2012

The task of purchasing gifts for an expectant mother and their unborn child becomes even more difficult if you do not know the gender of the child, so you should consider unisex products ahead of those specific to either boys or girls. Fortunately, there is a growing range of unisex gift options available to consumers, which continue to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation: –

Deglingos Plush Rattles: While the application of colour to children’s products is renowned for engaging an infants attention, texture is now thought to be an equally important part of the interaction process. Deglingos Plush Rattles have been designed with this principle in mind, and they are extremely fun for babies to touch, grab and shake over a prolonged period of time. Featuring inspiring animal characters and a distinct rattling noise, they are among a new generation of children’s products that provide comprehensive sensory stimulation.

Rockabye Baby! CD’s: Slow paced music has proven soothing qualities when it comes to calming children, while more upbeat melodies can also inspire movement and increasingly animated responses from infants. The Rockabye Baby! CD’s include a wide and diverse selection of music and alternative genres, so that parents can customise their play list to suit each individual child’s tastes. This ensures comfort and peace of mind for all, and will be appreciated by new parents as they search for an elusive night’s sleep.

Aden and Anais Muslin Wrap Blankets: The comfort of children remains of paramount importance to parents, and any gifts that reflect this philosophy are extremely highly sought after. Aden and Anais Muslin Wrap Blankets are an expansive and innovative range of products, which feature a vast number of intricate patterns and contemporary colour combinations. In fact, the diverse range of colour arrangements distinguish these blankets and the ideal unisex gift, and one that is also a multi-purpose and functional infant product.

The Bottom Line

Unisex gifts not only offer an option for individuals who do not know the gender of the baby that they are buying for, but they also open up the consumer’s conscience to a far wider product range. With a number of new and innovative gift items continuing to push the boundaries of creative thinking, then you should be able to find a product that suits even the most restricted of tastes.



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