Fertility Options for Hopeful Couples

Fertility Options for Hopeful Couples 1

Not all couples can conceive easily, but that isn’t a reason for a couple to lose all hope. There are actions a couple can take to increase the chances of conception. And, if these actions do not prove successful, there are organizations for a couple to go to so they can increase the chances of conception and finally conceive a baby.

Control Weight and Stress

The first step to increasing fertility and the chances for a couple to become pregnant is through personal health management. Control weight and stress first. Through maintaining an average weight and controlling stress levels, couples are immediately applying specific actions to increase the chances of becoming pregnant. For weight management: maintain a normal weight through healthy eating. Avoid dieting to lose weight. Replace processed foods with healthy, natural foods. For stress management: reduce stress levels and chemicals produced in the body by stress by increasing instances of physical exercise, meditation and fun activities. Also, avoid or decrease stressful situations as often as possible. This will improve a couple’s chances for conceiving a child successfully.

Use Ovulation Tester Kits

A couple can determine the exact time a woman can become pregnant through the use of ovulation tester kits. These kits identify when a woman’s body has released eggs for fertilization. These kits are relatively inexpensive and they are available for ordering in large quantities on the internet. They can also be purchased in local pharmacies.

Increase Deep Penetration

To increase the chances of getting pregnant, couples can explore different positions for intercourse that support deep penetration and close contact between the woman’s cervix and the penis. Positions that require a woman to raise her legs during intercourse increases deep penetration of the penis for closest contact to the cervix.

Use a Sperm Bank

For difficulties conceiving because of the sperm quality, consider using sperm bank services. Sperm banks have been used for quite a while now and they are a successful alternative for conception when the problem is related to the quality or quantity of a man’s sperm.

Use an Egg Bank

When the reason for the lack of ability to conceive is from the woman’s egg quality or quantity, and all else has proven ineffective, a couple can choose to use a frozen egg bank as a solution to conceiving. A couple may choose to freeze a woman’s eggs for fertilizing or use donor eggs from another female. Organizations, such as My Egg Bank, which is a large organization in North America, provide these services for couples. This is a fairly new practice but it has worked for couples that have tried but failed to conceive through other attempts. Hope Lives for Couples Wanting To Conceive

Couples do not have to give up all hope for conception and starting a family when intercourse has not led to pregnancy as hoped for. Couples can explore the options above to increase the chances of starting that family of their dreams with a healthy, happy baby.

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