Preparing for Divorce

Preparing for Divorce 1

While it’s something none of us ever think of when we first marry, the inevitable fact is almost half of marriages will end in a divorce.

While it honestly has been a long time coming, I am in the process of a divorce. No, I don’t need the I’m so sorry statements or anything like that. Sometimes, you just have to move on knowing that sometimes staying in a marriage is more detrimental to everyone than to take the step to separate and move on.

I want this situation to be amicable for myself, Steven, and the kiddos. It is possible to have a divorce that is civil.

Life is one step at a time. It’s okay to move forward. Sometimes two individuals are better off as friends than in a marriage. It’s possible to be friends, supportive of one another for the sake of your children.

Have you been through a Divorce?

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