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As many of you know, with Kelsie’s birthday right around the corner, I am on the look out for great ideas of what to get her. She’s a pretty smart cookie so I really want to find toys that are going to challenge her from the educational standpoint as well as give her something to have fun with.

Online is a spot more and more are turning to for their shopping. It makes sense when we can take care of so much online and even save a little bit of money when you have the chance to compare shopping prices. I am always looking for a great deal and by looking online, I am able to find various shopping deals when looking for gifts for the girls or anything else around the house. I love being able to go to various sites, check out how much something costs, and from there find the site that offers it for the most affordable price or with the best discount on shipping.

Something I am looking for soon is a new microwave. I’ve had this one as a hand me down for several years now and well, it’s seen better days. The door sticks and you have to hit hard to get it to release. I’ve learned to watch food like a hawk when heating something up because it has a mind of it’s own in what’s cold and what’s hot. It will be nice to have something that I can use with ease.

How do you save money online?

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  1. I save online by signing up to receive coupons and promotions from my favorite stores…New York & Company, Nine West, and Borders to name a few. The savings really do add up and online shopping is so convenient.

    Hope you save big on your new microwave! How did we ever live without ’em?

    Donna J

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