Ice Ice Baby

While I wish this was a post about Vanilla Ice, it’s not. I could tolerate that. Instead, I am dealing with up to 1/2 inch of ice in areas. Um YUCK.

My sidewalk-The only reason there’s gaps in the ice is people walking on it. But, there’s still ice on that.

Iced Tree Branch Anyone?

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  1. Oh No! You can move to NC and live near me. It is 62 degrees here this week. A nice change from the teen temps lately. Thankfully we don’t see much ice or snow.

  2. Its still not as bad as the ice storm of ’90 or was that ’92 grrr for a bad memory. That was horrible and around this same time of year. Oh well hope every one is staying safe and warm!!

  3. WOW! Stay safe, people slipping and falling on ice is a major cause of injuries here in the winter. I’ve done it myself and it friggin’ hurts!

  4. Im getting cold looking at those pics and thinking about snow! It gets reallllllly cold here but we have been lucky for the past 2 weeks.

  5. WOW. Stay warm. And upright. 🙂 Don’t need you slipping on the ice and breaking something.

    I will now go back to trying to avoid the tornadoes in Socal. LOL

    Honestly, though, I wish I lived somewhere with FOUR seasons. I am almost 39 and have yet to see snow fall. LOL

  6. Stay safe! We usually have ice this time of year too, but we just had our “January Thaw.”

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