School Spirit! Well kinda,

I’m so sorry I haven’t posted alot in the past 24 hours-I think this Mommy is coming down with something!

Ames today has been crazy with tailgaters! If you don’t know Ames is home of Iowa State University so that might explain it a bit more for you. Well, yes I love my school but I will say this…when you live ON the road people tailgate on, it isn’t always too fun. We have people who don’t live here sneaking in to park in our parking lot of the apartment, you can hear loud drunks out running about, and once they leave, the place is a mess! And of course, if you are out running errands while the game is going, add atleast 20 minutes to your drive back home. Last year during the Iowa-Iowa State game, the police directing traffic wouldn’t let me turn on MY road!! They directed me around and I was stuck in the drunks area waiting for vehicles to move FOR AN HOUR! Thank goodness I didn’t have Kelsie with me at that time!

So yes, I have school spirit and support my school BUT I wish others wouldn’t have to show theirs with their drunk screams of “WOOO” as I drive past.

GO ISU! lol

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  1. aw, that sucks. we lived right off UCF campus and moved just before the on-campus stadium was built. we were bummed at the time bc the games would’ve been walking distance, but in retrospect i’m SOOOO glad we moved!!!

    go UCF! haha 🙂

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