Preparing for Christmas

Christmas, decorations, Christmas ornaments.

As December is almost to the middle of the month, many are working to get everything just right in time for the Holidays. From Christmas traditions to getting the Christmas cards out with plenty of time to spare, this month is always a busy one.

With Aubrey and Kelsie beginning to understand the concepts of Christmas, it’s been important to us to make sure they understand that Chirstmas isn’t just about presents and I try my best to instill that it is so much more rewarding to give rather than receive.

Christmas, decorations, Christmas ornaments.A tradition that we have created is each year, each child will pick their very own Christmas ornament to add to the tree. It gives them that special “treat” that is just theirs and when they are older, they will have an ornament for each year to remember or take with them. They both have loved being able to look at all the Christmas ornaments and knowing they have the “power” in making a choice in how they get to help decorate the tree.

Because we want to focus on giving as well, we’ve given the girls the chance to pick out a gift for the other. Mommy and Daddy do the Christmas wrapping but the presents are marked from one to the other.

A tradition or “joke” we’ve had for several years now and since I was a teenager has been “revenge” on my mom for her gift-wrapping technique. It is known to all that atleast one package from my mom will involve massive amounts of tape, requiring scissors and all to get such undone. We’ve all enjoyed getting our revenge in wrapping presents for her in boxes in boxes, surrounded by duct tape and anything else we can involve to make her work to get the present open 😉 My Grandpa got a kick out of my wrapping presents back to her and my Grandma chuckles every time she sees the “revenge” gift.

What are your traditions or favorite memories preparing for the Christmas Holidays?

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  1. we like to bake all types of different sweets and get together with our family.

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