Family Health Care Savings

Family Health Care Savings 1

Searching for health care can get exhausting with all the options out there and the cost associated with coverage. You may be wondering what alternatives you have and may be surprised to find that you can save on health care. Through an employer-sponsored Flexible Spending Account (FSA) you can put aside tax-free money to cover qualified health expenses.



Because the FSA is pre-tax not only do you save on FSA eligible products, but your FSA can let you shop for thousands of common health products including sunscreen, contact lens solution, band-aids, heat wraps and baby care. Even moms breastfeeding can take advantage of breast pumps.

During every FSA plan year, employers take money out of your paychecks based on how much you selected to put aside. Starting this year, you will be limited to $2,500 per person to put into your FSA.

FSAs are “use it or lose it,” so any money unspent gets forfeited when your plan year ends. Don’t worry! Some employers have a grace period –extension of FSA coverage – up to two and a half months. One big deadline ends on March 15.

FSAstore-Logo-500x111 is the only one-stop-shop selling thousands of FSA-eligible products. In addition, you can find a national provider database and a Learning Center that answers FSA-related questions. Save on FSA-eligible products throughout the year with FSA Store’s special offers. Check out FSA Store before the grace period ends on March 15 and take advantage of products you use on a regularly basis. What a great way to save on your family health care needs.

Shop and Save

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  1. Great advice. I had an FSA at a previous job & really liked it. It can be tricky to estimate your yearly costs but I was usually conservative & never ended up leaving any money in the account.

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