Peek-A-Boob Strip Winners and A Bit More….

You might see a bunch of posts go up this weekend. With our family’s events that have occurred over the past week, I’ve gotten a bit behind so thank you for being patient and I appreciate it. Grandma’s surgery went smoothly and we are talking about rehabilitative care so we can get her back up and moving and home where she wants to be.

Sooooo, the winner of the Peek-A-Boob Strips is….

Leah said… 7

I see a lady (on the left) with very perky boobs and I am jealous. hahha

On a serious note, I like that you buy refils andnot rebuy the tin. Though the tins could come in handy for other things…

Congrats! My e-mail is and I will be shooting you an e-mail!

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  1. COngrats! I have to say these are the most interesting product I have ever seen.

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