Facebook and How You Use it.

Facebook and How You Use it. 1

As social media continues to grow, it is obvious that sites that have been around will continue to change over time. Facebook is a site that seems to always have something different changing it up a bit or a new game app flooding your news feed. Don’t get me wrong, yes, I have fallen for some of the games but I also enjoy having Facebook to connect with others.

Facebook and How You Use it. 2Not only have I created a For The Love of Baby fan page, I have also been able to help in creating a fan page for Purr-fection, the rescue our two kitties Whiskey and Carter came to us from. It has given me the opportunity to give back by gaining knowledge and spreading the word on fan pages such as this.

Recently I have noticed individuals complaining about people complaining. Yes, it sounds odd. When Facebook asks that “What’s on your Mind?” are we disclosing too much information to those around us online. Now I can admit, my Facebook is my vent. It gives me that chance to just scream my frustration. It’s there, I’ve acknowledged and it then move to something else. I don’t even care if no comments pop up, it’s not about that all the time.

Another issue though with this is how does Facebook impact our real life relationships? Do you find yourself texting or writing on a friend’s wall instead of picking up and making a phone call? For myself, I know that it is much easier for me to shoot a text or so forth and have my communication there. I’m not stuck on a phone with children in the background yelling or finding myself in that awkward I want off the phone but this person won’t zip it moments. I can drop my phone on the table and come back to send a message off when I need it.

Sometimes, it’s funny to see a Friend Request pop up. “Did they really just try and add me?” People you never got along with in high school is always an interesting tidbit of Facebook. I’ve had the individuals that we NEVER got along in high school and it’s still apparent we won’t get along now but there’s also been the individuals that it’s shocking to see how they’ve changed since high school and you would never know we once ignored each other walking through the halls of high school.

To myself, Facebook can be convenient for connecting and keeping on top of social media when you find yourself actively involved.

What are your thoughts on Facebook? Do you think we need to communicate more face to face? Is Facebook a convenience to communication for those on the go?

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  1. I think FB is good and bad. I don’t see anything wrong with venting about your day, etc. I do it too. Altho sometimes I do it cryptically so no one but my real friends understand LOL.

    I have friends on there from California that I would never talk to consistently, but it is nice to see how heir families are doing etc. Becasue one of the things you do is find old friends..sometimes I see people revert back to their teenage years..saying/doing stupid things. It is kind of funny.

    I don’t know…I like it. Some go over board when using it, some don’t use it enough…

  2. Just last week at my daughter’s school there was a Sexting incident where naked photos of a girl were posted on facebook. I think people need to be aware that once it is out there, it is forever, especially kids!

  3. I think people share way too much on facebook. I wish I had the time to go through my facebook friends list and unfriend everyone that i don’t know. I never should have accepted half of the people that I did.

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