Where Does The Time Go?

As I sat here last night with Aubrey sitting on my lap, it dawned on me how fast her and Kelsie have grown.

In a little under a month, Kelsie will be three. That little girl has just turned into a little person in the blink of an eye. My little “K-Bug” as her god mother and I used to call her is now the little girl coloring, dancing and singing, and using “purple ketchup” in her kitchen since she doesn’t have “real ketchup”. That little imagination is soaring. Next thing I know, I’ll be blinking and opening my eyes to her off to school. It is unreal.

Aubrey is chasing after her sister. Following lead when music starts to get those little legs moving-grinning from ear to ear when she realizes she has an audience. And you see that little twinkle when she discovers something new.The newest thing is the shake of that little head, wispy curls bouncing.

These little girls aren’t babies anymore. We’re all over the place. Instead of the times where it was just holding that sleeping baby in my arms, we’re sitting on Mommy’s lap-taking kisses and “I gotcha Mommy!”.

We wrestle. We walk holding each other’s hands. Aubrey and Kelsie walk up to each other and hold each other in a hug until the other pushes away. They’ve got each other. Now, I doubt they’ll do the same as teenagers but I’ve learned to cherish every moment I have as it happens. As I chase to clean up that next mess or bowl of cereal falling to the ground, I still smile.

These are my girls. And Mommy’s not going anywhere.

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