One Tree Hill:The Complete Ninth Season-Brooke’s Growth

One Tree Hill:The Complete Ninth Season-Brooke's Growth 1

It is hard to believe that One Tree Hill is coming to an end. With the final episode airing April 4th, fans of One Tree Hill will soon be able to grab the Ninth and Final Season on One Tree Hill on DVD/Ultraviolet.

The final episode title is “One Tree Hill”, not only named after the series but the U2 song as well. One Tree Hill has been a show that became a favorite for myself and husband very quickly, even watching one of the seasons on DVD while I was in labor and of course, naming my boys Nathan and Lucas. I found myself relating to Peyton in so many ways, it was easy to sit back and watch One Tree Hill and enjoy it all.

In Season 9, Brooke is now a mother of twin boys as well. I find myself relating to Brooke’s growth as well from the “wild child” in high school to that of a mother and an entrepreneur searching for that just right fit. While Brooke found herself longing for a child, I can relate to living the care free life but then wanting to find your way-wanting success, happiness, and of course, the best for your family. She’s even found her voice when it has come to dealing with her parents.

As Brooke faces her fears in the final season, we see a young girl that has blossomed into an amazing woman and mother. While she still knows that young girl is always a part of her, she’s created a life where she refuses to give up, her stamina always keeping her moving for success.

Don’t miss out on the 2 hour season finale of One Tree Hill as we say goodbye to a show that has captured all of our hearts.
One Tree Hill:The Complete Ninth Season-Brooke's Growth 2

You can pre-order the Complete Ninth Season of One Tree Hill now, available April 10th!

“I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote One Tree Hill Season Nine on DVD.”
Preorder the DVD, available 4/10!

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  1. Oh god don’t remind me that there is only one episode left…I get all emotional just thinking about it. Brooke has totally become one of my favorites, though.

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