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It has been five years since I graduated from high school. I can not believe in what honestly little time I have been at school, I have found myself reminded and thinking about those teachers that “Stood out”, the teachers that pushed me and helped me out no matter how discouraged I was.

I remember Ms. Lucas, a math teacher that took the time to explain things step by step. She would not let you give up. She would not allow you to beat yourself up either. She never gave up on her students and she cared about each and every students’ success.

Mr. Grant was a teacher that we all loved class with. From those crazy Hawaiian shirts to listening to his various political aspects and stories of history, he made us laugh and he made learning fun. Bing Teacher Appreciation Blog Tour #bingteacher 1

Thanks to Bing’s Teacher Appreciation Website,you can share stories just like I shared above about your favorite teachers and in turn, help other teachers. Did you have a teacher make a difference in your life? Do you know a teacher that is making an impact on your children’s learning experience? SHARE IT. You will help another teacher in the process.

When you share a story of appreciation for a teacher, you will receive a $5.00 Coupon Code to use for What is DonorsChoose? Teachers are able to log in and create a classroom project to help raise donations to make their classroom project come true. By giving your story of appreciation, you can use your coupon code to give funds to the projects that touch true to your heart.

As I looked through DonorsChoose, there are so many amazing projects for classrooms everywhere that I wish I could give something to all of them! It is an amazing feeling to see the love these teachers truly have for their students with these projects and it is amazing knowing that we, as parents, future parents, and more, can help support the programs we believe in. That in itself shows these teacher’s the appreciation they deserve. You also have the option of donating anonymously, in honor of, or in memory of-giving you the option to give honor to a project you know someone else would stand behind.

I have donated to one classroom project so far promoting literacy and I am looking for more to donate to. It is such an amazing site and the stories of some of these classrooms are amazing.

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Bing and a $100 giving code to facilitate my review. Mom Central also sent me a thank-you gift certificate.”

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