No More Stuffy Nose!

No More Stuffy Nose! 1

Nobody likes a stuffy nose, especially when it interferes with your everyday routine. It can keep you awake at night or make you feel disorientated and slow during the day. But unfortunately, winter is often synonymous with handkerchief and nose issues.

A congested nose is never a pleasant experience. However, more often than not, we wrongly blame it on the weather. The truth is that going outside with a jacket is not going to lead to any nose-related complaint. You can’t catch a cold from just being cold. Consequently, this leads to another critical question namely why are people more likely to struggle with a stuffy nose in winter? Winter is, indeed, not only a season of snow and freezing temperatures. It is also the season during which most people tend to spend more time indoors and in close quarters. For viruses and infections, it’s the ideal environment to spread. Here’s how you can help your nose this winter:

No More Stuffy Nose! 2
Handle the sniff

Don’t let germs get cozy indoors

First of all, bacteria can travel indoors easily. All it takes is for you to be in the proximity to someone who’s infected, whether it’s at the grocery shop, the office, or through a delivery man. Consequently, your first step of action is to make sure you keep your hands clean. While it might sound like a piece of advice fit for a doctor, washing your hands after handling items or greeting people can eliminate a large chunk of the unwanted winter germs. Additionally, you can also make sure your home doesn’t create a welcoming environment for viruses. Keeping rooms clean – and especially forgotten areas such as the laundry where freshly washed clothes can get contaminated – can make a great deal of difference.

Is it an allergic reaction?

A stuffy nose isn’t always connected to germs. You could struggle with an allergic reaction, as it can happen when your indoor air gets contaminated by dirt and toxins. For instance, if you’re using an AC system, it’s best to plan for regular maintenance with a certified residential AC contractor who can check that your unit doesn’t pollute the air. Indeed, when air filters are not changed regularly, it’s not uncommon for AC units to develop a fault and release dirt particles. Additionally, you might also be over-heating your home, which can dry out the air. Your sinuses are highly sensitive to air moisture. They can get inflamed when the air is too dry, which can lead to the typical stuffy nose symptoms.No More Stuffy Nose! 3

Use an air humidifier to deal with indoors dryness


Help your immune system

Sweet pies, candy canes, and other treats are favorites of the winter season. However, if you don’t take preventive measures to help your immune system fights off the presence of germs, you’re likely to struggle. Make sure to keep healthy ingredients and immune system boosts on the menu, such as garlic, mushrooms, nuts, and berries. Of course, it’s fair to remind ourselves that even with these ingredients you’re not bulletproof. But if you stick to a healthy routine, you reduce the risk of stuffy noses!

Blowing your nose throughout the cold season is not the best approach to health. It’s time to take action and protect yourself and your family against the nightmare of a stuffy nose. Breathe freely this winter.

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