Helping Your Kids Avoid Sports Injuries

Helping Your Kids Avoid Sports Injuries 1

Helping Your Kids Avoid Sports Injuries 2

Sports injuries may sound like one of those boring things only adults need to worry about, but actually, things like strains, sprains, stress fractures and other common sports injuries can be just as likely to happen to kids. The same things that cause sports injuries in adults can also affect children; for instance, not using the correct equipment, bad form, and not warming up or stretching properly. Just like adults, children can also suffer from injuries if they train too hard – something that can actually be easier for them to have happen with all of their energy and enthusiasm for the sports they do!

If your child is really active, or has a very keen interest in a particular sport, then making sure they are as well protected as possible from common injuries is important, as is getting the right treatment for any injuries they do begin to complain of. Here are three things you can do:

Make Sure They Take Injury Seriously

While things like cuts and bruises are a normal part of playing around that we may well tell kids not to worry too much about, they should be aware of the difference between these things that heal by themselves, and pain from things that may need to be properly rested, or seen by an expert. Depending on how old they are, you may want to look at resources about common sport injuries with them, so they know what the symptoms of different things are and that certain types of pain shouldn’t be ignored. Making them aware of how important it is to warm up, and to stretch after exercise, is also important. These are things even adults don’t always take seriously enough, so get them into good habits now.

See a Professional When Problems Occur

If your child is experiencing pain when they exercise or have sustained an injury, it is important to talk to an expert in orthopedic conditions and treatments straight away. Not only may they need treatment, but sometimes these conditions can have an underlying cause in your child’s posture, or be the result of other issues elsewhere in their body which will need to be corrected. Take a look at Yale Medicine, who are experts in orthopedic medicine, and have a lot of useful information about sports injuries and other orthopedic issues in kids and teens.

Kit Them Out Properly

One of the most important things you can do to help your child avoid getting common sports injuries is to ensure they have, and actually wear, the right shoes for the activity they will be doing. Running shoes are very different from sneakers designed for skateboarding, which are also different from those designed for dancing in. Get shoes that are designed for their favorite sports, and therefore offer the right kind of support, grip and rigidity. If the sport they want to do requires other protective equipment (for instance for football or martial arts) make sure that what they have fits properly and is in good condition.

These are three ways to help your child avoid sports injuries, or to make sure that any that do occur are recovered from safely.

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