Natural Advantage Skincare System LIVE Giveaway

Natural Advantage Skincare
Natural Advantage Skincare

We have an unclaimed prize! Soo, who’s ready to get those comments going? That should be a nice Monday Morning Wakeup Call!

This Giveaway Winner will win a Natural Advantage Skincare System of their own.

So here are the rules!

Your first comment needs to be something from the Natural Advantage site. Tell me a favorite item, how it works, why it interests you.

After such, you may talk about whatever you want so long as it is a COMPLETE sentence.

Winner will be Number 273.

You guys flew once I left for the night! (You didnt even see me say I was leaving in comments!) Trisha, I don’t know why it was hassling you I need to figure that out. But, without further ado…..

Natural Advantage Skincare System LIVE Giveaway 1 Tiffany says:

why is it being so tempermental?

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  1. I’ll kick things off ~ I love that what makes this skincare special is that it has Natural Advantageยฎ which is the patented MICROSPONGEยฎ technology. This is designed to enable Natural Advantageยฎ to deliver Retinol to the skin very slowly and gradually, over a number of hours. I have so much respect and admiration for Jane Seymour that I just know these products must be amazing!

  2. One of the products within this line that interests me is the SPF 15 All Day Moisture with AHA’s. What is so appealing is that it is a product that multi-tasks, it protects from the sun, moisturizes and exfoliates the skin all at the same time, wow, how great is that?!

  3. Ooh, I remember seeing an infomercial on this with Jane Seymore and was impressed. Natural Advantageยฎ is a cosmeceutical line of skincare that combines natural fruit acids with, dermatologist-recommended Retinol (pure Vitamin A) and a patented time-release MICROSPONGEยฎ technology that allows maximum absorption with minimal or no irritation.

  4. Checking back in, doesn’t Jane Seymour look amazing! If this skincare can do for me what it does for her, I’ll take a dozen!

  5. I find it funny that my dd won’t eat a thing from her plate, but will pick off of mine. It’s the exact same thing!

  6. To help melasma you can get a lightening cream with hydroquinone and wear sunscreen to help it from getting worse.

  7. Later on this morning she asked for water, which she refuses to drink, so I gave it to her. She took a sip and said, “gross!”

  8. I gave her some chocolate milk to see if it would help encourage her to use the toilet. She seems to like it as much as regular milk, but she’s not super partial to it.

  9. I’m back. Trying to get a review done ๐Ÿ™‚ We had 2 redbox movies for 3 days. I hate it when we get lazy and don’t take them back!

  10. No, but sometimes they will have really good deals if you watch – like 15% off with subscribe and save and then another stackable 15% off. If I see a promo in the near future, I’ll let you know. I usually do the subscribe and save and then just cancel it.

  11. Gotta love that. My 18 month old is starting to fight back at my 3 year old. It’s nice that he’s learning to defend himself.

  12. I desperately need to get laundry done. I just get so sick of doing it and really need a new washer. It seems like everytime I turn around, it’s leaking.

  13. So I got a tooth filled and another one built up where it was chipped like 6-7 weeks ago. My front tooth is already chipped again. I need to go back in but I don’t want to pay.

  14. My 1 year blogiversary is in September. I’ve had my family blog going for 2 years though. THat’s awesome you’ve been going that long!

  15. Ok, I would really like to try the Nighttime Renewal Complex with Retinol, b/c i have this fascination with night creams. I don’t know why, i just do.

  16. I was hurrying to get my Blog Race post done and almost burned my soup. How pathetic is that?

  17. Trish, my 5 year old was the same way. I learned that if he saw me scoop food from my plate and put on his, he’d eat it.

  18. I have bad melasma, will this help? What will fade it on my cheeks? I got it during second pregnancy.

  19. How cute Trish!!! Before my kids could talk I couldn’t wait for first words and sentences… now I can’t wait for them to shut up lol.

  20. I spilled food on my keyboard lol. That’s what I get for trying to eat at the computer.

  21. Oh Trisha, do you know of one I can try that is affordable or where to get? I have such light skin and these look like dirty spots!

  22. Jenna, I like your girl in your header. We had to go and buy Finley two pair of Converse this weekend (low rise) to fit over his braces.

  23. I’m getting ready to head to a friend’s house to grill out. I hope no comments go into mod while I am gone.

  24. looks like a neat product, says it will help make large pores look smaller, so I am ready to try!! LOL

  25. I am reallly really wanting to occupy myself- I officially quit smoking as of 8:15 pm last night! LOL It is hard!

  26. Anyone know where to buy Huggies in the big boxes? Target and Walmart now reduced the size!

  27. I have a coupon for a box of free Huggies up to 106 count but Walmart and Target only has smaller boxes and hubby used one of my coupons for the smaller box. ๐Ÿ™

  28. I would say yes, thay should fix it for free, it should have lasted longer! Have you tried calling yet?

  29. uh oh… sounds like the baby is trying to wake up – I have GOT to get a white noise machine soon! These 10 minute naps are killing me!

  30. LOL, date sounds nice, Taylor is 10 months old and we have yet to find a babysitter and no family around ๐Ÿ™

  31. I love the Flip Mino I got, I can’t imagine how much better HD could be cuz this is SOOO clear.

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