A Candid Photo at Central Iowa 6th Grade Honor Band

2024 Central Iowa 6th Grade Honor Band

Since the twins have entered middle school, they have been exploring new activities and interests. Last year, Nathan and Lucas joined band and quickly fell in love even more with all things music. Lucas started on the trombone and Nathan, the alto sax, although he has since moved up to tenor sax. They’ve also had plenty of fun learning new things from Grandpa Brett’s experience and of course, mini jam sessions in his studio room.

This year, both boys have gotten more confident in themselves and learning new skills much on their own. They were given the chance to try out for the Central Iowa 6th Grade Honor Band and Nathan was 1 of 14 students from our school district to advance. Lucas found out he was 1 off from also making the Honor Band so he knows his skills have improved greatly. Music education has always been important to our family and seeing them thrive makes my heart so happy for them.

As the 6th Graders went for the Honor Band last week, these students came together to learn the songs in the afternoon for the very first time before performing that night. Even as an adult, I know that would have many individuals’ nerves on edge! Throughout the chances Nathan had to update me, I could sense some worry about something with his sax not working as expected but I knew he’d still do awesome.

When it was time for their performance, our school band instructor had been working on Nathan’s sax and knew exactly what the issue was. In a perfectly candid moment, I caught a photo truly worth a million words and showing Nathan’s goofy personality.

Boy with saxophone and hand on his forehead

Sure enough, this goofy moment was his teacher telling him the neck wasn’t attached right and his personal “Duh” moment!

All of the students did amazing and should be very proud of their hard work!

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