Nathan and Lucas’ Birth Story:Part 2

Nathan and Lucas' Birth Story:Part 2 1

This is probably the more “exciting” portion of the boys’ birth story. As I said, we had no real warning signs that labor was on it’s way when we went for our appointment on Tuesday so greeting our boys was very surreal!

Part 1 of their birth story is here.

After the epidural, it was simply a sit, wait, and stay monitoring. We had a couple issues with my blood pressure and pulse back and forth (I think that was a combination of the meds. to stop preterm labor and the epidural as well)

At noon, the OB came back in and broke my water. Of course, this was the “first” bag of waters as while the boys are identical, they were in separate membranes, making them mono/di twins. Sure enough, at 12:10pm, I felt an intensity already from the water breaking. We had to shift me throughout this time to keep the epidural flowing evenly. I am not sure at one time it happened but, we did have to have another bolus of the epidural pushed.

We continued to be checked throughout this time and every time we did shift me, the nurses had to sit for a few moments to keep

Nathan and Lucas' Birth Story:Part 2 2

Nathan and Lucas on the monitors. They enjoyed playing hide and seek and the nurses really had to hold the monitor still for several minutes to keep them on.
Sometime between 3pm and 3:30, things picked up progressively fast and Steven was sent in to put on scrubs. The nurse did a quick check and told me we’d wait until about 4 for her to check again unless the pressure got unbearable. While I sat and whined through it, hubby and Tanya decided it had picked up. The nurse came back in and sure enough, it was time to get me moved to the OR. Because the boys were identical twins and so forth, the babies were to be born in the OR in case of an emergency. With both prior pregnancies, I found myself pushing for close to three hours so while everyone told me things would move fast, I didn’t really think much of it.
Approximately ten minutes before 4pm, I was out the room and being pushed into the operating room. I didn’t truly know what to expect and while a ton of things happened all at once, it stuns me to hear the times and know how things truly happened.
Nathan and Lucas' Birth Story:Part 2 3
Within the operating room, there were TONS of hospital employees, something I expected knowing there would be a “team” for myself as well as each boy. Once I was moved onto the actual operating table, hubby was at my head. It seemed very cramped at this point to me because if I was to “roll”, I would have likely went straight off the table if there weren’t people all around me. Despite delivering naturally, it was still awkward and different delivering in the OR versus the normal room. Either way, I knew it was time to push and stay focused so the boys could be out and getting any attention they needed immediately.
At 4:05 pm, Lucas Michael made his appearance into the world.
Jenna Goodwin, Steven Goodwin,
Nathan and Lucas' Birth Story:Part 2 4

As there was plenty of shuffling around the room, Lucas was crying immediately and letting those little lungs be heard. It became nerve wracking when suddenly, the anesthesiologist was at the side of my head and started putting monitors on me. I was told that Nathan’s heart was dropping. The OB told me we’d need to “work together for this next set to get him out now” or I would be put under. The thought of being put under and having to wake back up rather than being able to get myself moving was quite a motivation. I closed my eyes and knew I had to focus no matter how much it worked on getting Nathan here.

Sure enough, Steven says, as soon as he had signed the consent to put me under, Nathaniel Gary was born at 4:13pm.

Jenna Goodwin, twins, pregnancy

Nathan and Lucas' Birth Story:Part 2 5

Both boys have been in the NICU since that time but the NICU staff have been amazed with how well they are doing. Lucas has been on room air while Nathan needed some help and received oxygen for the first day. By afternoon on Thursday, he was off oxygen. Both boys have attempted to go to breast. Lucas DID eat at breast but brother Nathan played a bit before falling asleep 😉

Being away from the boys now that I have been discharged is hard. Big sisters Kelsie and Aubrey have been unable to *meet* their brothers due to flu season rules of the hospital. We have been working to come up with the best plan to make sure we get plenty of time with the boys. My post-partum recovery has been well, not very easy and luckily, the NICU nurses have been amazing in making sure our boys are okay.

We are unsure of how long the boys will be in the NICU. Today has been my first full day home and husband has made me take it easy today. My biggest “job” has been focusing on pumping so we can bring plenty of breast milk to the boys. The boys had been placed on photo-therapy last night but we’ve been told their numbers have already gone down and their feeding has been increased to 10ml every three hours.

Nathan and Lucas' Birth Story:Part 2 6
Nathan and Lucas' Birth Story:Part 2 7

Thank you to everyone for the thoughts, prayers, gifts, everything. We are very blessed by each and every one of you.

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  1. Awwwww. I hate scary shit like hear rates dropping! I’m SO glad you managed to do it! you’re a rock star!

  2. What an inspiring story! You did a great job mama! Ill be praying your your baby boys and your recovery!

  3. Congratulations on your little boys! I am still so impressed with you for being able to give birth to twins without a c-section. You’re basically my hero right now LOL

  4. Twins out in less than 10 minutes. You are a total rock star!!

    I can only imagine how hard this is on you to be home and not being able to take your babies with you. Try and get some rest and get yourself feeling better so when they come home you can continue to rock it!

  5. I was riveted. I am so glad they decided to make their presence before you had to get a c section. WHew! Take care of yourself mama.

  6. Rock Star Mama! Good for you and get well soon. Pumping is so hard esp. when you’re away from babies but you can do it. So glad that boys will take from breast too! Best of luck and know that the whole mama world is behind you and supporting you.

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