My Own Piece of One Tree Hill History

My Own Piece of One Tree Hill History 1

As I prepare to watch the last episode ever of One Tree Hill, it is surreal to think that the series is coming to an end. As someone who has watched every episode and own each season, I’ve watched as Peyton, Lucas, Nathan, Brooke, Haley, and the rest of the One Tree Hill group grow and experience life. When people realize my twins are named after Lucas and Nathan Scott, it’s no surprise I really am a One Tree Hill fan. The final season of One Tree Hill might be coming to an end but I now will have my own “piece” of One Tree Hill forever as I received props from the set of the show. When I knew I was having something sent to me, I was ecstatic to say the least. I had no idea what it would be so when the package arrived, it really was like receiving a present.

My Own Piece of One Tree Hill History 2

When the first thing I saw was “The Comet” I was thrilled. As I said, my boys’ names are after the Scott brothers and with Lucas and Peyton being my favorite characters, it was amazing to hold in my hand. Having actual props knowing they were used in filming is hard to describe. You could easily see that all of the items had been handled so of course, you wonder if your favorite actor or actress at one point held these items.

My Own Piece of One Tree Hill History 3

These props will be cherished forever and makes me so happy to have a piece of One Tree Hill. 

Tune in to the 2 hour Season Finale TOMORROW night April 4th at 8/7 Central on the CW!

I am promoting One Tree Hill on behalf of Warner Bros. WBWord division.

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