Must Do Monday-Round 2

Monday has creeped up on all of us once again. My computer laptop cord has began having a mind of it’s own. Thankfully, I was able to figure out from trying to plug Steven’s laptop cord in that it is the cord most likely. So, I ordered a new power cord off of I really lucked out as well considering on the Toshiba site it is about $70 and on Amazon, I found one for less than $20. I am a bit frustrated that this computer is barely a year old and something like this has happened but what can ya do?

So, my Monday is starting with a 3 hour drive for a family matter that has to be dealt with.

What else is on my Must Do List?

  1. Continue to keep e-mails inbox under 50. Right now we are sitting at 33.

  2. Continue going through girls clothes. I listed 3 lots of clothing on EBAY.

  3. Create a spreadsheet of blog posts.

  4. Transfer appointments from appt. cards into planner.

  5. Clean out and organize purse.

What is on your Must Do Monday List?
Create a blog post with things you need to get done and would like a reminder of. Link up!

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