Mediacom Internet Outages in Iowa

Mediacom Internet Outages in Iowa 1

Our internet has been in and out for over 2 weeks. In the past 48 hours, 20 give or take of those have been out.

I am not impressed with all.

Another tech is supposed to be coming out this afternoon. Let’s see what gets done.

The kids have been keeping me busy but when I can’t work while they’re asleep? Ohhh I’m a mad mommy.

Mediacom has had a different story/excuse every single day so it should be entertaining to see if the tech. even knows what to do.

I know many Iowans have dealt with service issues in the same time period that I have. “Maintenence, outage, reset your modem, local power”

I’m not the only one irritated as other’s have messaged me, I’m just one speaking up. At this point, I’m trying to learn how Consumer Complaints work with the Attorney General as this has gone on far too long and way too many issues since we moved and switched to Mediacom.

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