Your New Bundle of Joy: Top Android Apps Aimed at New Moms

Your New Bundle of Joy: Top Android Apps Aimed at New Moms 1

Motherhood is a big challenge. It’s going to be fun and rewarding but it isn’t necessarily going to be a piece of cake. Life as you know it will be forever changed. Why not make it easier on yourself and organize the parts of your life that are still in your control with a few simple applications on your smartphone. Here are the ones that will simplify life with baby.

Organize your day with an app

After a night of no sleep, it can be very difficult to remember when you last fed yourself, let alone the baby. Thankfully, there’s an app for that. You can easily track your breastfeeding times, and record which side you ended up on. You can also keep track of your baby’s naps, growth spurts, and teething symptoms. Having the info at your fingertips makes it easier to see patterns, increases, and decreases so you can track your baby’s stages of development. Some apps will even turn into a baby monitor so you can watch your child while he or she is asleep – that is if you aren’t asleep yourself.

Track baby’s development

Some smart phone apps allow you to keep track of the number of diaper changes, along with any new eating and eliminating behaviors, sickness, and temperature. This makes it easier to report to the doctor at the next checkup. You don’t even have to carry around that immunization record anymore; put it on your phone. Looking for a new mom network so you can share experiences and ideas? Learn what to expect at each stage of your child’s development, and find tips on how to deal with each new challenge like teething, diaper rash, and getting your child to sleep through the night. You can even load up an app that makes “white noise” to lull baby to sleep at nap or bed time.

Focus on the important things

When you go on an outing with your baby, you want to know exactly what to expect at your destination. Where is the nearest park, museum or library? Does your restaurant have a family bathroom where you can breastfeed or change your baby’s diaper? Is your event kid-friendly? Mom maps come complete with reviews by other moms, so you don’t waste your time and money going somewhere that is just going to be a hassle. Learn more about current weather conditions and forecasted weather patterns before tucking Junior in the pram and heading out for your walk. The weather report can help you to decide whether it will be an outdoor trip to the park or a trip to the library.

Today’s modern mom has everything she needs to organize her day, keep track of her baby’s development and get advice with an app on her smartphone. The average price of one of these apps is $1.99 – a true value when you consider how it will affect your peace of mind.

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